Albert Einstein predicted this!

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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. He was certainly a genius! Even foreseeing that technology may overtake ‘common sense’.

‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ and CLASS DISCUSSION IDEAS at the end of article.

Text Albert-Einstein-Quote-300x183

The day that Albert Einstein feared is well and truly here……………

Texting dinner with friendsLunch with Friends

Texting conversation with BFF

Conversation with your BFF

Texting caring for the kids

Keeping an Eye on the Kids at the Beach

Texting at the table

Romantic Dinner Date!

Texting enjoying the sights

Sightseeing Trip

Texting family time

Quality Family Time

Texting in park

Fun Day in the Park

Texting kids in car

Treat Time for the Children   

Texting child driver

Following in Mum’s Footsteps!

Texting at beach

Day at the Beach

Texting at the museum

Cultural Learning at the Museum

Texting child 2

Wouldn’t we all rather see this little one engrossed in a book?

What do you do about over-use of technology both in the workplace, school or home?

We can all make a difference in any environment by:

  • Setting sensible and fair boundaries. Eg. use devices only during breaks, and no texting at meal times.
  • At home, encourage other activities. Visit a ‘game’ store and discover the new board games that are available now!
  • Find ways to show your family that it’s not a ‘parent’ thing, but rather social behavior that has got out of hand.


“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

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Whilst we do not agree of course with every word Einstein said, it does provoke thoughts about how technology interferes with some social aspects of our lives. We need to embrace our relationships without mobile phones constantly interrupting!


For teachers and parents:


  • Once you have gone through this article, open up discussions about how we can help each other to be more responsible with the use of technology, but in particular, mobile phone use.
  • Ask them to be honest – what would they do if they had children of their own?
  • Have the class make suggestions on large posters and place around the room.

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Happy New Year from the Amazing People Club

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Goodbye 2013 and HELLO 2014!


What has 2014 got in store for all of us? This year, don’t put too much pressure on yourself with unachievable resolutions.

Here’s some key notes for a more successful year.

  • Have a clean out – you will be surprised just how invigorating this can be. Have a long, hard look at what you’ve been storing around the office or home over the past year. Did you use it or wear it last year? Donate, donate, donate!
  • Keep a positive outlook. Try hard to push negative thoughts out of your mind.


  • Set achievable goals! Please don’t promise yourself you will build and fly a hot air balloon over New York city this year!

pin note

  • Read and learn something new. Knowledge is POWER! Start with reading the great articles we have published by Dr Charles Margerison. You will be able to connect with the ideas in each article and these can assist you with some of the tasks you will undertake this year. Click HERE.


  • Eat well – Sleep well – Get a bit of exercise. How simple can that be. Yes, sleeping is often a struggle for some, but by eating well and exercising both brain and body, you may help that situation.
  • Keep happy, positive people around you and distance yourself from those that don’t deserve your time. Read more about Amazing People and Teams HERE.


  • Do something YOU LOVE at least once a week! How many times do you put off that peaceful walk, that gym session, a leisurely browse in the shopping centre or even that short, quiet time to read ?
  • TIME MANAGEMENT! Much can be achieved with better Time Management! Time management is not a corporate ‘thing!’ Every one of us can utilise our time better. Click HERE to read what Dr Charles Margerison has written.


  • Ask yourself – DO I WANT TO and/or DO I HAVE TO? You will be amazed how these two questions can help resolve conflict in your own mind when faced with uncertain questions and obligations!
  • LOVE WHO YOU ARE! That’s hard because our life is surrounded by judgement, pressure to appease others and to give up our time. When we say “no”, this can be misinterpreted as ‘selfish.’ It’s not; it is ‘self – is.” You, your time, your life.
  • SHARE – when trying to establish your life in 2014 with some of the above points, you must remember to share yourself too. There are times when we have to be part of our work community, social community and family even when we see others disregarding it.

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His goal is to give us some solid foundations to goal setting, the will to work hard, to show us what others achieved through great hardship, hard work and a belief that they can do it. Above all, they are for your enjoyment. All these amazing stories are here for you to read and share. Click HERE to gain a more positive outlook to help you make 2014 a better and brighter year!


Take these inspirational stories  into your business, school and family and connect with those around you.

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