Amazing People Education is brought to you by The Amazing People Institute.  Discover a powerful range of educational resources, that feature the inspirational life stories of some of the world’s most amazing leaders, in the fields of art, exploration, politics, science, etc.

Students Meeting AMAZING PEOPLE in the classroom at Castle Vale High School, UK

Would you like to hear Shakespeare tell you about his life and work? Or listen to Michelangelo describe what motivated him to create such masterpieces?  Well, now you can.

Our interactive multi-media approach to education via BIOVIEWS(R), has revolutionized education.  Bioviews (R) are biographical interviews, told in the first person, via digital ebook, audio book and avatar visuals.  It is as if the Amazing Person has come back to give the interview of their lives.

This sensational range offers:-

  • Tried and tested resources that engage students in a totally different manner.
  • Unique inspiration and insight on how students can use their talents, to overcome chalenges and achieve success.
  • Motivational career development tools to support continuing professional development.
  • A personal connection with amazing people who influenced school-taught subjects.
  • Teachers the opportunity to turn the classroom into a sizzling edu-tainment center.
  • Resources that can be used cross-curricular to support inspirational learning and career development, in an innovative way.
  • A great class starter to springboard students into any topic or subject area.
  • A series of classroom support materials and teacher resources to help get the most out of your lessons.

To become involved in our other direct-to-classroom resources and be part of our education research, be sure to check out our Education Case Studies.

Please contact marion@amazingpeopleclub.com for further information or visit http://amazingpeopleclub.com/

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