Presidents Day – learning from the ‘Greats’

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Washingtons birthday poster

February is an important month in terms of reflection on past American Politicians.

‘President’s Day’ is on February 15 this year and we celebrate the birth of George Washington

who was born February 22, 1732.

Presidents’ Day, is a federal holiday observed in the USA in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States. The holiday also recognizes Abraham Lincoln and other American presidents.

  •  Can you imagine what George Washington would have said if he was interviewed about his achievements?
  • Would you like to have met Abraham Lincoln and had a discussion about his life and career?
  • What do you really know about America’s past leaders?


GEORGE WASHINGTON grew up in the English colony of Virginia. He was tall and strong and respected by his friends and colleagues as a good leader. As he grew older, George saw how England took advantage of the American colonies and he didn’t like it. When the colonies declared their independence, George was chosen to lead their army as its general. When the colonies finally won their freedom, George was elected to lead the great new nation as its first president. Discover what inspired him and get to know his great story.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN was arguably one of the most influential of all the American Presidents, who played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery. His inspiring life story has been explored in many ways, but you can now gain a very personal insight via these audio stories.

franklin 1 - Copy

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN is perhaps the most famous of all the Founding Fathers. His great story comes to life as you travel with him from his early years, as part of a large family, to his time at the printing company with his brother James. This ultimately resulted in his journey to England and France, a turn of events that would define the rest of his life. His inspirational story is unfurled in this audio story.

Fill in the blanks:

George Washington was born on February 22 in _______ (year) He was born in _________ . George went to live with his _________ after his father died. George Washington took the oath as President of the USA on ____________________ (day, month, year).

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 in _______ . In October 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared that ________________ will be a National Holiday. On March 4, 1860, Lincoln gave one of the most important speeches of his life called _________________.

Benjamin Franklin was the ________ (number) President of the USA. He was born on January 17, in _______ . He left school when he was _____(age). With his brother, Benjamin opened a ________________ shop. Benjamin Franklin invented _______________.


What is a BioView®? BioViews® are short biographical stories, similar to interviews. These unique stories provide an easy way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world. Created by Dr Charles Margerison, these unique BioView® stories, allow you to experience how incredible people lived, worked and loved. There are some stand-out Presidents in American History. From the first President George Washington, to Lincoln, Jefferson and Franklin, these influential characters helped shape the nation we know today.

If you would like to learn more about other amazing politicians, then travel through time and meet them at Amazing People Library.

Library - Copy

It is as if these amazing people have come back and given an account of their life, explaining their major challenges and achievements in the context of their family life and society.

At Amazing People Worldwide, we aim to provide stories that will not only educate, but will also inspire and entertain. We hope that these great tales of achievement despite challenges and set backs, will help you achieve your ambitions in your journey through life.

Discover our many resources. Change the way you teach and the way we learn!

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Created by innovative business leader and psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, this approach has been implemented at companies around the world including Shell, ExxonMobil, ICI, HSBC and Hewlett Packard. “Inspiring, Motivating and Enabling”, these resources deliver results and help individuals and organizations to function more powerfully.


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AMAZING PEOPLE TOOLKITAmazing People Education is brought to you by Amazing People Worldwide – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students, teachers and librarians worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free AMAZING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOOLKIT.


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For more information see Amazing People Worldwide or for further enquiries please  contact us by email.

Amazing People Worldwide is home to the world’s largest collection of inspirational stories and biographies about amazing people, from Walt Disney, to Marie Curie, and Shakespeare to Helen Keller. The stories are available across a range of multimedia formats, including eBook, audio, video and print, and sell globally to schools, libraries, lifelong learners and businesses. Each story is relayed from the first person perspective, relating in a very personal way, what motivated and influenced these amazing individuals. Featuring historical celebrities as well as lesser-known names, this extensive collection offers unique insights into how amazing people converted their opportunities into achievements, and can inspire people to achieve their own ambitions in life.

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