Wanted! Pilot School for this amazing Oz Musical!

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WANTED! Pilot School for this amazing Oz Musical!

Musicians - general, 'music notes'. S

‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ 

‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ is designed for students aged 10 – 16 and forms part of the Amazing Schools Program. As we prepare to launch into Australian schools, the education team is keen to gather feedback and insights into how this unique way of learning improves student engagement and understanding. The series of short music scenes provides a way for students, from all cultures, to learn in engaging ways through dramatic classroom or theatre productions, about the issues that both the settlers and the native people faced.Gov Arthur Phillip





‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ is the title that refers to all those involved, and who came from very different cultures. They were indeed all heroes. This production re-lives the incredible voyage of the first settlers, their outstanding achievements, and the impact it had on Aboriginal tribes who lived in the areas named Botany Bay and Sydney Cove. The lyrics and music reflect the stories of both groups, and their survival against the odds.

S - Sydney, Raising the flag

 What are the benefits and features?

  1. Focuses on the raising of student aspirations, through inspirational story sharing, and cross-curricular learning.
  2. Offers an engaging way for students to learn about culture, history geographical exploration, and environmental issues.
  3. Develops drama and communication skills, with a fascinating theme, and sing-a-long melodies.
  4. Explores the lives of the sailors, the marines, the settlers, the government officials, the convicts, and the aboriginal people.
  5. Features thirteen short format scenes that can be broken down to form separate class lessons or assembly presentations.
  6. Includes guided music tracks, backing tracks, scripts and staging recommendations.
  7. Schools can enter drama championships as part of the exercise.

Just imagine …..
Botany Bay Gov A PhillipThe scene was set ….. sentences had been pronounced.  The wind blew strongly as the
sails on the old boats were raised. The day for deportation had arrived.
On May 13th 1787, over 1400 people set forth in eleven old sailing boats from Portsmouth, England, to a place called New South Wales.

About half the people were adjudged to be convicts.  They were at sea for 260 days before they finally disembarked, to set up a penal colony in what is now Sydney, Australia. Upon arrival, there were no homes, or shops, or facilities to cater for over 1400 people. The Aboriginal tribes-people, who had lived there for thousands of years, stood on the cliff tops and watched, no doubt, with surprise and trepidation.S - Pemulwy - for Sydney. Natives and boat


In addition to the musical productions, there is an extensive range of inspiring resources available that includes eBook and audio digital library stories, learning tool kits, Proactive Thinking Skills courses, and access to a story exchange network.  All of these are available to schools willing to embrace the ‘Amazing People’ ethos.

Check out the following samplers : 

Would you like your school to be part of this great cultural production? 

We want you

We would love to hear from you if you would like to stage this fascinating musical play.

If you are interested in participating or would like to be a pilot school, please contact marion@amazingpeopleworldwide.com.  Tel +61 405829199

Authored by Dr Charles Margerison, (previously Professor of Management at Queensland University), with music by Bignote Music Productions in Queensland.

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