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Amazing People Education – Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill was born on November 30.

As we remember this enigmatic leader on his birthday, we wonder just how much we know about him?


He was Prime Minister of Britain not once, but twice.

On July 16, 1945, after being defeated in the elections the previous day, Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister of Britain. However, he was to become Prime Minister again.

Remembered by many, as one of the greatest British leaders of the 20th Century, Winston Churchill had an inherent drive to achieve his highest potential throughout his life. In this fascinating title, get an insight into the extraordinary life of the man who held the post of Prime Minister of Britain. He had a great thirst for adventure which led him to pursue journalistic travels, where he penned great writings. He also had a keen interest in art and used it as his saviour for when he experienced some of his darker and depressed moments, which he described as ‘the black dog’.

Experience his amazing story through this biographical interview, known as a BioView®. Written in the first person, it is as if Winston Churchill is telling you his very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced him.

ChurchillHere’s a quick test about milestones in the life of Winston Churchill ….. how many can you answer?

  1. In what year was he born?
  2. When did he first become Prime Minister?
  3. What year was he knighted and by whom?
  4. He won a Nobel prize – what for and in what year?
  5. What date and year did he die?

AMAZING PEOPLE LEARNINGDiscover a unique suite of professional development resources that support action learning through Amazing People Learning. These provide problem-solving, communication and leadership skills that can be applied in innovative and powerful ways.

careers learning talentAmazing People Learning offers resources that can be used over and over on work projects. As well as the core skills models, support tools such as interactive project notes are also included. These enable learners to log and track progress, and revisit the resource easily. In addition, users have 12 months access to a variety of support services, which feature video, articles and valuable advice on how to get the most from these unique learning tools.

charlesThe resources can be adopted on an individual or team basis. They offer an effective, interactive approach to professional career development. Created by innovative business leader and psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, this approach has been implemented at companies around the world including Shell, ExxonMobil, ICI, HSBC and Hewlett Packard. “Inspiring, Motivating and Enabling”, these resources deliver results and help individuals and organizations to function more powerfully.

AMAZING PEOPLE TOOLKITAmazing People Education is brought to you by Amazing People Worldwide – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students, teachers and librarians worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free AMAZING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOOLKIT.


AMAZING PEOPLE LIBRARYEngaging and educational digital eBooks and Audios for schools and librarians. They include hundreds of inspirational life stories about the world’s most amazing people. The biographical interviews, known as BioViews®, are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced amazing people. The stories have been developed and created by educational psychologist and business guru, Dr Charles Margerison. Each one is meticulously researched and based on historic facts.

For more information see Amazing People Worldwide or for further enquiries please  contact us with your email details.

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Wanted! Pilot School for this amazing Oz Musical!

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WANTED! Pilot School for this amazing Oz Musical!

Musicians - general, 'music notes'. S

‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ 

‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ is designed for students aged 10 – 16 and forms part of the Amazing Schools Program. As we prepare to launch into Australian schools, the education team is keen to gather feedback and insights into how this unique way of learning improves student engagement and understanding. The series of short music scenes provides a way for students, from all cultures, to learn in engaging ways through dramatic classroom or theatre productions, about the issues that both the settlers and the native people faced.Gov Arthur Phillip





‘Heroes of the Great Southern Land’ is the title that refers to all those involved, and who came from very different cultures. They were indeed all heroes. This production re-lives the incredible voyage of the first settlers, their outstanding achievements, and the impact it had on Aboriginal tribes who lived in the areas named Botany Bay and Sydney Cove. The lyrics and music reflect the stories of both groups, and their survival against the odds.

S - Sydney, Raising the flag

 What are the benefits and features?

  1. Focuses on the raising of student aspirations, through inspirational story sharing, and cross-curricular learning.
  2. Offers an engaging way for students to learn about culture, history geographical exploration, and environmental issues.
  3. Develops drama and communication skills, with a fascinating theme, and sing-a-long melodies.
  4. Explores the lives of the sailors, the marines, the settlers, the government officials, the convicts, and the aboriginal people.
  5. Features thirteen short format scenes that can be broken down to form separate class lessons or assembly presentations.
  6. Includes guided music tracks, backing tracks, scripts and staging recommendations.
  7. Schools can enter drama championships as part of the exercise.

Just imagine …..
Botany Bay Gov A PhillipThe scene was set ….. sentences had been pronounced.  The wind blew strongly as the
sails on the old boats were raised. The day for deportation had arrived.
On May 13th 1787, over 1400 people set forth in eleven old sailing boats from Portsmouth, England, to a place called New South Wales.

About half the people were adjudged to be convicts.  They were at sea for 260 days before they finally disembarked, to set up a penal colony in what is now Sydney, Australia. Upon arrival, there were no homes, or shops, or facilities to cater for over 1400 people. The Aboriginal tribes-people, who had lived there for thousands of years, stood on the cliff tops and watched, no doubt, with surprise and trepidation.S - Pemulwy - for Sydney. Natives and boat


In addition to the musical productions, there is an extensive range of inspiring resources available that includes eBook and audio digital library stories, learning tool kits, Proactive Thinking Skills courses, and access to a story exchange network.  All of these are available to schools willing to embrace the ‘Amazing People’ ethos.

Check out the following samplers : 

Would you like your school to be part of this great cultural production? 

We want you

We would love to hear from you if you would like to stage this fascinating musical play.

If you are interested in participating or would like to be a pilot school, please contact  Tel +61 405829199

Authored by Dr Charles Margerison, (previously Professor of Management at Queensland University), with music by Bignote Music Productions in Queensland.

Amazing People Worldwide

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Who will be tomorrow’s Marie Curie, Alfred Nobel, Harriet Tubman or Abraham Lincoln?

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Introducing An Inspirational School Programme that will help to …..


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The Amazing Story  ..….

Shakespeare - book cover. SThis past summer, Danise Bartlett, Head of Citizenship, was working with a Year 7 English group on William Shakespeare’s much-studied play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  The day was hot and the students were distracted. 

Miss Bartlett invited her students to ‘meet’ William Shakespeare in their classroom through Amazing People audio and video life stories.  She nominated a student to step into William’s shoes and the rest of the class interviewed him.  The result?  Engagement went through the roof.  94% of the students involved said that this exciting way of getting into the play, opened up their understanding of it.  100% said that his life story inspired them.


It is this kind of learning that sits at the core of the Amazing People Schools Programme.  And just like the above story, teachers and students tell us over and over again, how the stories of people, make study and learning easier and more engaging.  In the above example students gave clear indications that this method helped to improve their understanding of Shakespeare as a person, and thereby, they could relate more closely to his great creations.

Amazing People Worldwide is a global organisation that helps individuals to achieve their full potential. It is home to the world’s largest collection of inspirational stories about amazing people including, Walt Disney, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, Helen Keller, and many others.


Amazing People Worldwide has been working with schools in the UK, US and Australia over the past five years. Our mission is to raise student aspirations across our schools network through amazing people stories and associated cross-curricular learning. The Schools Resource Pack includes:

  • A digital ebook and audio library that features hundreds of amazing people stories
  • A learning toolkit developed for teachers, by teachers
  • A Proactive Thinking Skills Resource, developed by educational psychologist
    Dr Charles Margerison
  • Educational musical resources

Support for this approach has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers and students tell us over and over again, how the stories of people make study and learning easier AND more engaging.

Amazing Case Study

A group of Year 9 students at Castle Vale School in the UK were able to see the world through a new pair of eyes, when they came face to face with some of the amazing people who changed our world.  Sharing and reliving obstacles that had to be overcome to achieve success, these inspirational stories enabled educators to counteract negative role models for positive ones.

Castle Vale embedded amazing people into the school ethos, with every corridor and display board bursting with inspirational quotes and advice from amazing people throughout history, encouraging students to believe that success is just around the corner.



But, what did the students make of the avatars? They were really keen to give their feedback and to help shape the classroom of the future.  Lacey said, ‘the moving face features and accents helped make it more fun and improved my concentration.’ Another student, Kiera, said she had remembered more:  ‘I learnt more because you get told by a first person perspective and you saw what Christopher Columbus’ lifestyle was like, I remembered more than reading a book.’ Kayleigh felt, ‘it was intriguing to watch and see images of what Columbus saw.’

Mabon Ruth Jones, who led the class, felt the ‘resources had worked extremely well, students really engaged with the resource, it brought their learning to life more than a standard textbook.

Get involved!

The programme enables educators to embed amazing people learning resources, stories and content across the school:-

  1. To raise student aspirations
  2. To drive engagement in school-taught subjects and topics
  3. To support programming around inspiration and role models across the whole school
  4. As a cross-curricular teaching tool
  5. As a way to raise the school’s profile and an ethos to drive a vision throughout the school around inspiration, motivation and leadership

The Amazing People Schools Programme is supported by a range of printed, digital and teacher developed resources. It can be made bespoke based on objectives or requirements.

If your school is interested in becoming an Amazing People School, please contact

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