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A beacon of hope, humanity and compassion to all, Mother Teresa’s personal story will inspire many.

* Can she also inspire us in the workplace and education?

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”

With a rare sense of wisdom, destiny, courage and dedication, Mother Teresa left her native Albania to pursue the vocation of teaching in Calcutta, India. Unable to ignore the desperation of the needy and sick, Mother Teresa became a missionary. Today, she is credited with helping hundreds of thousands of the world’s poorest people and is recognized as the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by the Catholic Church.

After she founded the Missionaries of Charity, and with the assistance of many dedicated others, Mother Teresa ran homes and hospices for many suffering with HIV/Aids, leprosy and tuberculosis. She organized mobile clinics, soup kitchens, children’s and family counselling programs, orphanages and schools.mother teresa

Mother Teresa was the recipient of numerous honors including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2003, she was beatified as the “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta”.

How can the story of Mother Teresa, be applied in our private lives and within the workplace?

The Poor Entrepreneur

There is no doubt, that Mother Teresa herself, was an entrepreneur. Vastly different to entrepreneurs known for their wealth, or access to wealth, that enabled them to do great acts for others. Mother Teresa worked her entire life with the poor. With no hospitals or clinics, she began working to give them medical treatment, which led to the establishment of Missionaries of Charities all over the world. Her actions and dedication show us how those traits alone, can ‘move mountains’.

Moving Mountains Businessmen moving a mountain uphill. The men & mountain and background are on separate labeled layers.


‘CAN DO’ The message: Stay true to your convictions, don’t allow negatives to stand in the way of what you know you can be achieved. With your determined nature and assistance, you too, can ‘move mountains’.

Leaders and Managers

Many leaders and managers can take a leaf out of Mother Teresa’s journey. Not only did she give up any idea of a normal working life and a family of her own, she also lived among the poorest people in Calcutta. This truly sparked her drive and ambition as she lived exactly the same way as they did, eating the same food and sharing their pain. Not motivated by power or money, she achieved exactly what she had set out to do and she is remembered and revered with much respect.

colorful SUCSESStext barcode, vector

‘SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP’ The message: As leaders, we should always remember to get to know the experiences of those we lead.  What effect do our actions as leaders have on others? Do we truly understand their roles in the workplace or at school and what we expect from them? Putting ourselves in ‘their shoes’ will refine our own thoughts on how to assist others, to achieve better results.



You will note many words in red above. * The answer to that very first question – absolutely. Whether in our personal lives, education or work, those words are vital aspects and traits for successful interaction with others and for a positive outcome, whatever it is we are hoping to achieve.

  • List another 10 words that can be used to promote yourself and others, to promote the goals you want, and to promote positive thoughts and actions.
  • Then explain how you believe each word may assist the outcome of your future and that of those around you.

Amazing People Learning

Discover a unique suite of professional development resources that support action learning through Amazing People Learning. These provide problem-solving, communication and leadership skills that can be applied in innovative and powerful ways. The resources can be adopted on an individual or team basis. They offer an effective, interactive approach to professional career development.

Created by innovative business leader and psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, this approach has been implemented at companies around the world including Shell, ExxonMobil, ICI, HSBC and Hewlett Packard. “Inspiring, Motivating and Enabling”, these resources deliver results and help individuals and organizations to function more powerfully. 

Amazing People Learning offers resources that can be used over and over on work projects. As well as the core skills models, support tools such as interactive project notes are also included. These enable learners to log and track progress, and revisit the resource easily. In addition, users have 12 months access to a variety of support services, which feature video, articles and valuable advice on how to get the most from these unique learning tools.

Amazing People Toolkit
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Amazing People Education is brought to you by Amazing People Worldwide – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students, teachers and librarians worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free AMAZING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOOLKIT.


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The biographical interviews, known as BioViews®, are written in the first person and give a very personal perspective on what motivated and influenced amazing people. The stories have been developed and created by educational psychologist and business guru, Dr Charles Margerison. Each one is meticulously researched and based on historic facts.

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