Amazing People Education – Lessons from Elvis (or Ed Sheeran)?

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Elvis Presley

Yes. Lessons from Elvis! What sort of lessons are we suggesting from this iconic singer who gyrated his way onto television and the big screen?

The anniversary of the death of ‘The King’ is August 16. Elvis left behind, a huge fan base, music and movie memories and…………..lessons.

elvis 1954 jailhouse rock
Elvis 1957

Believe it or not, entertainers like Elvis, can show us how to follow our dreams, how to persevere and make things happen. Lessons on how to utilise our ideas, push forward and to chase our goals no matter what. Few successful entertainers would have let anything stand in their way to achieve their goals.

Often, the younger generation who are looking for assistance in development and career directions, like to be stimulated with the achievements of those that they can be ‘more in tune with’. More often than not, students are given examples about famous people like successful business people, doctors, nurses, engineers and architects.

Young people are always searching for something new and often they relate better to ‘other’ unique individuals. As they embark on their own journey, future generations need inspirational ideas that reflect more modern times.

tourist couple travel with coffee ab camera walk through city having fun
Looking towards a bright, successful future

Entertainers are perfect examples of the traits required to succeed. Think about their careers in the entertainment industry. They constantly have to be better than the rest and better than their last performance, otherwise their careers are in jeopardy. They may have a team of assistants, but everything ‘rides’ on their own personal performances. That’s a lot of pressure!

Performance Review and Discussion as a Concept
Traits for success

Look at the following traits: Ambition, ideas, determination, goals, boldness, conviction, dedication, energy  and self-confidence. Entertainers would have to posses all those traits and more to be successful in their careers.

How did Elvis do it?

Elvis had to overcome an embarrassing stutter, so it wasn’t all ‘smooth sailing’ on his journey to stardom. In 1953, Elvis went to Sun Records to record songs ‘supposedly’ as a gift for his mother. Later, biographers suggested that Elvis chose to go to Sun hoping to be discovered. If this was the idea he had in mind, then Elvis clearly displayed  a very clear thought process with a goal in mind. It was a great idea! He had singing and acting talent, but without the traits to go with that talent, he would not have succeeded.

Rejection and Persistence

Elvis had to deal with several rejections at the beginning. He failed an audition for a local vocal quartet. They said he couldn’t sing and did not have an ear for harmony. After another audition as a vocalist, Elvis was rejected and was advised to continue driving trucks because he would never make it as a singer.

Did Elvis give up?

Just a year later on July 19, 1954, Elvis released his first commercial single, “That’s alright” and as they say, “the rest is history”. Elvis never wavered from his belief and what he wanted to achieve. Clearly, having the right attitude and desires, helped Elvis to reach his goals and to maintain consistency in the entertainment industry for many years.

Elvis Presley is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, and he was dubbed “the King of Rock and Roll”, or simply, “the King”. 

Amazing People Library


  • When and where was Elvis born?
  • When was Elvis given his first guitar?
  • What was the nickname of Elvis’ manager, Tom Parker?
  • How old was Elvis when he received the Lifetime Of Achievement Award?
  • Open discussions about today’s entertainers. Who is a worthy entertainer that has displayed the traits to succeed? eg. Ed Sheeran is a remarkable performer. 
Ed Sheeran attrib Eva Sydney
Ed Sheeran

Fast becoming a modern day philanthropist, Sheeran has performed for many charities. His relaxed approach displaying a true selfless attitude toward others including his fans, makes Ed Sheeran an entertainer our younger generation can look up to. Both in terms of his mild-mannered success and his ability to share his life without expectations is inspiring.

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Sheeran Image attrib: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney, Australia

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