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Amazing People

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Marie Curie

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ShakespeareMozartMarie CurieEinstein and Coco Chanel all had one thing in common. They were all amazing people, although all had different areas of interest and skills.

These are just a few of over 500 amazing people who I have studied to discover how they developed their talents. As a result, I have derived a number of important points from which we can all learn.

  • The first is that all the amazing people identified what they were good at
  • Then, they concentrated on using their talents to the best of their abilities
  • That meant that they focused their time and efforts on developing their skills

I believe that each person has the potential to be amazing at something, if they give it their time and practise regularly. This is the case in all aspects of life, from bricklaying, painting and surgery, to sport, music and art.

Amazing Contributions

Like Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine, his contribution to medicine prevented further epidemics of this disease.salk resized

In what areas can you make amazing contributions?

Here is a checklist of some of the areas in which others have excelled. Go through the list and rank the areas in which you think you can make significant contributions in your own way.

  1. Improve social conditions by fighting for civil rights
  2. Conduct research into the causes of, and cures for, many illnesses
  3. Represent people in politics and government
  4. Develop a successful business
  5. Explore new territories
  6. Improve production and productivity via engineering skills
  7. Create beautiful music
  8. Produce outstanding works of art
  9. Design magnificent buildings
  10. Write software or produce websites to improve online communication
  11. Improve travel by air, train, boat or road
  12. Develop retail and distribution organizations to supply foods and goods
  13. Conduct new surgical procedures to save lives
  14. Produce new innovations
  15. Help others who are less fortunate

Amazing Personal Development



If ever there was a story of great personal development, then Helen Keller’s is top of the list. Despite disabilities, she succeeded in many ways, making major contributions to our world.


Once you know where you want to focus, your next step is to have a personal development plan to achieve your dreams and ambitions. It is useful to look at what others have done as a guide to your own efforts. Some of the areas in which you may wish to focus your efforts are listed below.

The checklist can be used to look at what others have done and a reference for planning your own action. In the BioViews® that I have written, I used this checklist as a basis for assessing those who made amazing contributions in each area.

  1. Creativity – how people developed and used ideas
  2. Achievement – how people produced valuable outputs from ideas
  3. Business – how people made fortunes
  4. Philanthropy – how people used money to support charity and art
  5. Motivation – how people who did amazing things were inspired to act
  6. Persistence – how amazing people continued in the face of doubt and opposition
  7. Communication and Promotion – how people who were successful promoted their work
  8. Finances – how amazing people funded their work from investors and sponsors
  9. Research – how people tested ideas and theories
  10. Politics – how the amazing people gained political support for their ideas


Of course, we are all amazing people, as no two of us are alike. In a competitive world, we are all judged by our contributions in different areas. Each one of us can improve our performance through concentration and practise.

We all have our own thoughts and dreams. Some people make their ideas come alive. Others have regrets. Which do you prefer? You can start today on a new amazing journey.

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You are amazing!

charlesAuthor note: Dr Charles Margerison is a Chartered Psychologist. He was previously Professor of Management at Cranfield University, UK and the University of Queensland, Australia. The author of more than 30 books, he has developed Amazing People Library, an online subscription service for libraries that encourages inspirational learning.  He has also developed the web-based Amazing People Skills facility, which provides access to the Margerison Communication and Problem Solving

For more information see Amazing People Worldwide® or for further enquiries please  contact us with your email details.

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