Amazing People Education – Columbus ‘discovers’ something new!

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What has the iPad got to do with Christopher Columbus?

He has come a long way from exploring new territories, not knowing what he may find! Columbus has ventured into a very different ‘territory’…..that of the iPad!

Almost every household has one (or more) iPads and now they are in our classrooms providing a captivating way for students to learn.

Here at Amazing People Education, we are constantly researching and updating our resources to include modern technology, and the growing trend toward more exciting ways to teach and capture the interest of students. It is our aim to provide teachers and parents with the best resources and tools to assist them in class activities and learning. We work toward specific goals to assist in raising awareness and appreciation of the work and achievements of our fore fathers and mothers, who invented many amazing products that have developed into the gadgets and technology of today, just like the iPad!

Christopher Columbus

Amazing Leader Books for iPad.

Christopher Columbus set sail on his first voyage on August 3, 1942.

Students can explore the life of this amazing explorer, colonizer and navigator in many ways. Christopher Columbus discovered new worlds and his BioView® reveals how he did it and why.  His sensational journey was amazing as he discovered the Americas. Columbus was the first European, since the Vikings, to discover the New World, without the assistance of a compass or an accurate map!  He was a passionate pioneer who led the way for other explorers that followed in his footsteps. His voyages enabled great leaps forward in the field of navigation and had an enormous effect on the history of the Western World.

Students give ‘the thumbs up’ to the exciting world of technology in the classroom!


  • Where was Christopher Columbus born?
  • Before he commenced an apprenticeship as a business agent, Columbus travelled the sea as a ….. ? You may be surprised!!
  • Who sponsored his first exploration?
  • What was the name of the agreement they signed?
  • In what year did Columbus set sail on his second voyage of discovery?


  • Draw a picture showing Columbus as he sees land for the first time in the distant horizon. Add a caption to your picture describing the scene you have created.

Amazing People Learning

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