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The first Summer Olympics since the 1936 Games in Berlin, was held 12 years later in July 1948. These Olympics were the first to be broadcast on television and were known as the Games of the XIV Olympiad.


There is no event like the Olympic Games. The athletes who compete are amazing in their ability to attain world-class standards and their determination to be the best, as they strive to beat their competitors, defy physical limitations and achieve amazing records on a global stage.

How did these athletes reach their full potential to represent their countries at the Olympic Games? They learnt self-discipline, how to work hard, to communicate well with others and  to stay positive and determined. These attributes are vital if we are to succeed in anything we do. We can apply their inspirational life stories, and how they went on to achieve success, to our own career gaols.

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These individuals are an example to all of us, and each of these Amazing Olympians has an amazing story to tell. Henry Taylor’s amazing Olympic story will inspire athletes everywhere. Orphaned in his early years, his brother taught him to swim in a canal in Lancashire. He swam in his first race when he was only seven years old and won three gold medals at the London Summer Olympic Games in 1908. He is an amazing example of the success that practice and commitment can bring.

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Explore the life of the inspirational Pierre de Coubertin, recognized as the father of the modern Olympic Games.

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He played an integral role in their revival and as such, was an influential leader, inspiring athletes to achieve excellence in their chosen sport. He believed that sports would bring peace and unity to the world and bring nations together to create an atmosphere of patriotism and celebration, for the world to enjoy.

Questions and Activity:

  • Who broke an amazing 11 Olympic Games records at the 1936 Olympic Games?
  • Why was there a gap of 12 years between Games from 1936 to 1948?
  • Why was the 1948 Games called the Austerity Games?
  • Which athlete was called “The Flying Housewife”?
  • In August 2016, our nations will join together for the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What Roman numerals represent these Games?
  • Choose an athlete from any year of the Games and write a short description about their journey to Olympic stardom.

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