Amazing People Education – 4th of July Celebrations!

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4 July 1776 Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin John Adams Writing_the_Declaration_of_Independence_1776_cph_3g09904
Declaration of Independence – Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson

Celebrate Independence Day by honoring Amazing Americans. Meet incredible individuals who contributed to the development of America. There are many amazing founding fathers and mothers that we can research and gain a great perception of how they helped shape America. On Independence Day, we remember and appreciate these inspirational Americans.

George Washington

Watch our AVATAR video as George Washington talks about the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a great American inventor, scientist and businessman and the third most prolific inventor in history. Featured in this ELT Reader from Harper Collins, it is a unique opportunity for learners of English to read about the exceptional lives and incredible abilities of some of the most insightful people the world has seen.


Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln was a man who stood up for his beliefs and deserves credit for setting the foundations for unifying diverse states into a country.

ford 1
Henry Ford

It is interesting to see how people like Henry Ford also developed their careers. He came from a poor family background to be one of the most successful American businessmen of all time.


harriet tubman
Harriet Tubman

Life stories such as that of brave people like Harriet Tubman, a slave, are fascinating. How did she overcome those early, harsh days? They may be the exceptions, but America does have a habit of producing people who stand out.

On Independence Day, we remember and appreciate these wonderful Americans. They came from all walks of life, but they had the same drive and belief that they could achieve their dreams. Their dreams made a difference to the whole nation.

2 July

From Colonial Men and Women, Politicians, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Doctors, their stories are the foundation of America and you can bring them into your classroom.


  • Article by Dr Charles – ‘interviews’ with Amazing Americans.
  • Questions – 
  • Who was The first President of the United States? (a) Abraham Lincoln, (b) Thomas Jefferson (c) George Washington.
  • Who is considered the author of the Declaration of Independence?  (a) John Adams, (b) Thomas Jefferson (c) George Washington.
  • Thomas Edison had a health issue/defect. What was it?
  • What was the secret network called used by Harriet Tubman to free slaves?
  • ‘Fordism’ was named after Henry Ford. What does it mean?

Amazing People Learning

Discover a unique suite of professional development resources that support action learning through Amazing People Learning These provide problem-solving, communication and leadership skills that can be applied in innovative and powerful ways.

learning 22

The resources can be adopted on an individual or team basis. They offer an effective, interactive approach to professional career development. Created by innovative business leader and psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, this approach has been implemented at companies around the world including Shell, ExxonMobil, ICI, HSBC and Hewlett Packard. “Inspiring, Motivating and Enabling”, these resources deliver results and help individuals and organizations to function more powerfully. 

Amazing People Learning offers resources that can be used over and over on work projects. As well as the core skills models, support tools such as interactive project notes are also included. These enable learners to log and track progress, and revisit the resource easily. In addition, users have 12 months access to a variety of support services, which feature video, articles and valuable advice on how to get the most from these unique learning tools.

 Amazing People Toolkit

Amazing People Education is brought to you by Amazing People Worldwide – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students and teachers worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free AMAZING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOOLKIT.

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For more information see Amazing People Worldwide® or for further enquiries please  contact us with your email details.


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