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One of America’s formidable business successes. In July 2005, the last Ford Thunderbird rolled off the assembly line. There are many models still around today and the legacy of Henry Ford and his highly successful business still lives on.

Born on a farm, Henry’s journey took him to Detroit, where he built the first mass-produced vehicles – the Model T, the Model A and the system of ’Fordism’. ie the introduction of the assembly line. He was an entrepreneur and an outstanding business man with a global vision. Henry Ford was committed to lowering costs, increasing supply and possessed forthright and sound business skills. What can we learn from Henry Ford’s success story?

In June in1896, Henry Ford introduced his Quadricycle to America and proudly drove it along the streets of Detroit. It was the first automobile he designed.

Ford quadricycle
Henry and his wife Clara

His talent for invention and machines is inspirational, and combined with his remarkable business sense, saw him enjoy much global success. Not just and engineer, Henry was also a business man full of drive and commitment.

Henry Ford, an amazing example of business acumen.


  • Begin by meeting the man himself through our unique BioView® story. Everyone will be immediately captivated as they hear Henry tell his own story .
  • Follow up with a discussion on how Henry Ford’s business sense created a world-wide successful entity.
  • Discuss his creativity in instigating the first ‘production line’ and what effect it would have on his business (and that of many businesses to come).
  • Do you have amazing ideas? Write a short business plan outlining the concept, how you plan to begin the project and how you will finance it. Over the coming weeks, each student can submit their business plan to their peers for open discussion.


Amazing People Learning

Discover a unique suite of professional development resources that support action learning through Amazing People Learning. These provide problem-solving, communication and leadership skills that can be applied in innovative and powerful ways.

learning 22

The resources can be adopted on an individual or team basis. They offer an effective, interactive approach to professional career development. Created by innovative business leader and psychologist, Dr Charles Margerison, this approach has been implemented at companies around the world including Shell, ExxonMobil, ICI, HSBC and Hewlett Packard. “Inspiring, Motivating and Enabling”, these resources deliver results and help individuals and organizations to function more powerfully.

Amazing People Learning offers resources that can be used over and over on work projects. As well as the core skills models, support tools such as interactive project notes are also included. These enable learners to log and track progress, and revisit the resource easily. In addition, users have 12 months access to a variety of support services, which feature video, articles and valuable advice on how to get the most from these unique learning tools.

Amazing People Toolkit

Amazing People Education is brought to you by Amazing People Worldwide – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students and teachers worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free AMAZING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE TOOLKIT.

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For more information see Amazing People Worldwide® or for further enquiries please  contact us with your email details.


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