Amazing People Education – Monarchs as Leaders?

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  • Do Monarchs make great leaders? Or is their birthright forcing them to take on challenges they are not suited to?
  • What are the qualities needed for good, effective leadership?
  • What is the ‘X-factor’ that makes some people natural leaders?
  • Are great leaders born or made? 

Imagine our own lives. Venturing into a profession we felt we never had a say in. Does it come naturally or would you have to compromise much to be successful?

Meet these Monarchs and take on the tasks set out. What do you know about their lives and achievements?



A high priest, a politician and one of Ancient Rome’s most influential leaders, he is remembered as one of the most successful and powerful rulers in the history of the world. His violent death led to an era of Roman civil war that lasted for many years.


  • What were his major achievements during his rule?
  • What is the name of the calendar he created?


c the great

Pronounced herself Catherine II, the sovereign ruler of Russia in June 1762. Great women in history have made a huge contribution to the betterment of their country and it’s people. One such Queen is Catherine the Great. Catherine was a strong leader, who inspired loyalty and respect rather than fear and oppression – indeed she did not do things in a traditional manner. She focused on the education of her people, establishing Saint Petersburg as a cultural centre of the country.  Her passion regarding education of her people was deep. For years she investigated and reformed education in Russia appointing advisors and establishing a commission.


  • How did she come into power?
  • What did Catherine achieve for the people of Russia?
  • How long did she reign?


king louis XV

Meet the unforgettable Louis XV, crowned King at the age of 5 and married at the age of 11, he was forced to grow up quick. He certainly took his duty to keep the family line going, quite seriously, and is famed for his many affairs and mistresses, over the years. The most famous of these was Madame de Pompadour, who had a great influence on his life. Louis reigned France for seventy-two years!


  • Discover his personal challenges and relationships and then write a short article outlining what you think motivated him during his reign.


queen elizabeth 1


Queen Elizabeth 1st, was a truly amazing leader. Experience how she overcame political, religious and family turmoil in her younger years to become the Queen of England. Well educated, she used her intelligence and determination to ensure the country continued to flourish and prosper.


  • Who were Elizabeth’s parents?
  • Elizabeth’s reign was known as the ‘what’ era?
  • How many languages was Elizabeth fluent in?


q VictoriaBecame Queen, June 1837. Over the course of her reign, Victoria’s popularity grew as she continued to show strength and courage, surviving seven attempts that were made on her life! She used her influence to support peace and reconciliation.  Queen Victoria, a mother of nine, was also known as the Empress of India, for her strong support of the Empire.  She is the longest reigning royal in British history. From such a young age, how did she cope with the demands and decisions she would have had to face?


  • Consider a major challenge relevant to this day and age and discuss how you would react and cope at 18, with this challenge. What strengths would you need to overcome this change or difficult time?


william the conquerer

William The Conqueror was also known as William I, King of England and Duke of Normandy. He was an innovator who brought a Norman-French culture to England during his reign. William replaced the English language, built many castles and appointed well educated men within the church, who would later serve as his administrators.


  • What were the circumstances surrounding his birth compared to other monarchs?
  • When was he crowned King?
  • When was the coronation of Queen Victoria?
  • Do you think these monarchs made great leaders?
  • What can we learn from the life stories of these monarchs?
  • Were all of these monarchs born into royalty?
  • If not, discuss any qualities they had as leaders that may have been influenced by this fact.


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