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In the romantic world, they say our hearts are often broken. Unfortunately, this is also true in regards to our physical heart health.

heart 2Therefore, we are forever grateful to pioneering heart surgeon, Dr Christiaan Barnard, for his determination and skill that created hope for those suffering from cardiac problems.

Christian Barnard - Copy

Christiaan Barnard was born in November 1922 in South Africa. One of his brothers died of heart problems and perhaps this urged Christiaan to study medicine. He went on to specialise in cardiothoracic surgery.

Christiaan Barnard performed the second kidney transplant in South Africa in October 1967.

Then just two months later on 3 December 1967 (and assisted by his own brother), Christiaan Barnard performed the world’s first human heart transplant operation.

Later he wrote, “For a dying man it is not a difficult decision because he knows he is at the end. If a lion chases you to the bank of a river filled with crocodiles, you will leap into the water, convinced you have a chance to swim to the other side.”

Follow Christiaan Barnard, as he developed remarkable skills and methods to help people all over the world.  He dedicated his life and work to the medical profession.  His achievements have had a profound influence on the world of cardiac surgery. Gain a personal insight into the life of ‘the man with the Golden Hands’.

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 The featured ‘pioneers’ in Amazing Doctors and Nurses:

  • are perfect role models to aspire to
  • enable all of us to explore their inspiring stories and to appreciate their insight
  • are proof for leadsers, teachers and parents to share with their colleagues, students and children, that determination, hard work and commitment pay off
  • are an absorbing, interesting and effective way for you to reinforce not just work ethics, but LIFE ethics too
  • allow us to appreciate how others have changed the medical world

heads-group-bk1.2mb We can learn a lot from the achievements of amazing people. Not only in the areas for which they are acclaimed, but in the way they lived their lives. Their selfless approach to life and the many people they assisted is encouragement for all of us in times of doubt and hardship.

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