Humphry Davy – no ordinary Chemist

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Davy lamp 2

The Davy Lamp was the first electric light that enabled miners to work safely, in close proximity to flammable gasses.

424px-Coal_Miners_Drivers_West_Virginia_by_Lewis_HineThe primitive lighting used by miners, with exposed flames, created a potential threat to their safety every work day. Many of our young generation are yet to find out more about the great inventions that have led to today’s technology. We have so much to tell them.


A diverse genius – Humphry Davy  was born on December 17, 1778.

Best remembered for discovering chlorine and iodine, Humphry Davy made many invaluable scientific contributions to our world. Follow him on an amazing journey from impoverished beginnings to becoming Britain’s leading scientist and receiving a knighthood.  Humphry played a major role in encouraging a scientific approach to manufacturing and production, helping to improve many areas of industry.


Our amazing scientists and inventors are perfect role models that we can learn from today. Businesses and schools can all generate excitement and inspiration for their staff and students by utilising these unique BioViews® to explore, learn and reflect on our historical geniuses.










  • Create conversation  – how would Humphry feel having successfully researched and invented what he did? The significant factor to discuss is ‘he was impoverished and eventually received a knighthood!’ From humble beginnings, Humphry triumphed.  Take his story as an opportunity to encourage others to raise ‘the bar’, and strive to do their best – “You don’t have to BE the best, just DO your best.” The results could be outstanding!
  • Visit our Podcast and listen to Converting Opportunities to Achievements with Dr Charles Margerison.


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