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swimming pool 1944

“Marco”  –  “Polo”  –  “Marco”  –  “Polo” – children (and adults!) in swimming pools all shouting out in a game of ….. cat and mouse ….. the swimming pool game where one person closes their eyes, shouts out “Marco” and the others reply with “Polo”.  ‘Marco’ has to try to catch those that shout out ‘Polo’.



History states that the explorer, Marco Polo, was lost and he thought he heard his family calling his name, ‘Marco’ and he replied with ‘Polo’.  


Amazing Explorers - Marco Polo. P

One such incredible explorer was Marco Polo. The extensive adventures of Marco Polo have undoubtedly had a major impact on world history.  His pioneering travels throughout China and Asia opened up new worlds to western civilization.  Get an in-depth insight into his exciting life and discover what it was that drove him forwards no matter how difficult the journey. Due to his father’s extensive travels, Marco Polo did not meet his father until he was a young teenager! He then set off with his father and uncle exploring the world.

Marco Polo once said, “I have not told half of what I saw!”  Amazing Explorers - Marco Polo, map. S


Why do you think Marco Polo stated that fact? Perhaps he felt he would not be believed or perhaps he had so much to relate he did not get the opportunity. Once you have read his story, what will be your opinion?


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 We can learn a lot from the achievements of amazing people; not only in the areas for which they are acclaimed, but in the way they lived their lives. Their selfless approach to life and the many people they assisted is encouragement for all of us in times of doubt and hardship.

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