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In collaboration with Harper Collins, The Amazing People Club’s fascinating history titles are now available in their Amazing People ELT Readers.

Harper Collins have featured the incredible performer, Ella Fitzgerald. Read how the content is used to captivate the reader and enhance reading ability.

Learning English has never been so diverse and interesting!


Dear English Language Learner



Ella Fitzgerald is often called the most famous female jazz singer in the USA. But did you know that before she became famous and won 14 Grammy Awards, she didn’t have a home and lived on the streets of Harlem in New York?You can read her fascinating story in one of the 20 Amazing People ELT Readers, Amazing Performers Level 1. Below you can find an extract from Ella Fitzgerald’s story, and a gap fill exercise.


To find out about the exciting lives and achievements of other Amazing People, have a look at these videos.

Get the most from your reading experience! If you already have a copy of Amazing Performers or any of the Amazing People ELT Readers, check out the free activities and worksheets available online.

 Test yourself!

Extract from Amazing Performers Level 1


Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the USA. Read about her life and fill in the missing words in the sentences below.

One day, when I was 15 years old, my life changed suddenly. My mother had a heart attack and died. In the streets of New York, there was a lot of noise and traffic. At home, there was only silence. The radio didn’t play music any more. My sister and I were both very sad. Aunt Virginia said to us, ‘Why don’t you come home and live with me?’ She was a kind woman. She liked jazz music and she encouraged me to sing. But I wasn’t happy at all.

I wanted to earn my own money. I started to miss school and when I was at school I didn’t study very hard. I met people on the streets and they offered me jobs. I was young and I didn’t have much experience of life. I didn’t know that the jobs were dangerous. Soon, I got into trouble with the police and I was sent to a reform school – a school for children who get into trouble. I thought, ‘Is this really happening to me?’ I was very sad.

1 Ella Fitzgerald’s mother died of a __________________ when Ella was _________ years old.

2 Ella Fitzgerald lived with _________________ after her mother died.

3 Aunt Virginia liked __________ music.

4 The jobs Ella was offered were ____________________ .

5 A _____________________ is a school for badly behaved children.

Would you like to know how you did? Look out for the answers on the Harper Collins Facebook page.

Practise your English

Re-read these sentences from Ella Fitzgerald’s story in Amazing Performers Level 1:‘She liked jazz music and she encouraged me to sing. But I wasn’t happy at all.’When you say or write something, you often want to put together two or more clauses of equal importance. You do this by using a coordinating conjunction.

  • I asked if I could borrow her bicycle but she refused.
  • He was a great player, yet he never played for Ireland.

Coordinating conjunctions are also used to link words and phrases.

  • The boys shouted and rushed forward.
  • She spoke slowly but firmly.

Here is a list of the most common coordinating conjunctions:

and             but            nor             or            then               yet

Practise using coordinating conjunctions in your own sentences.

You can find out more on the Harper Collins website and Amazing People Club.

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