Can You Name the Men in this Photograph?

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Can you name the men in this photograph?

If not, then we know we are on the right track in bringing them to your attention, because these men are famous for their contribution in the field of psychology, and deserve to be remembered. Are you interested in psychology?

  • These men pictured had a dream and vision that compelled them to improve the world. They pathed the way in understanding who we are – what ‘makes us tick’ –psychology – it’s one of THE most prolific subjects today. Whether it’s sports psychology, psychology in schools and universities, the army, the police, the health sector, the workplace in general – it’s everywhere. For example, you cannot join the army or police force without undertaking some form of psychological test. So who are these men? Do our students know?

They are – Front: Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist; G Stanley Hall, American psychologist & educator; Carl Jung, Swiss psychotherapist; Back: Abraham Brill, Austrian-born  psychiatrist in the US; Ernest Jones, British neurologist and psychoanalyst and Sandor Ferenczi, Hungarian psychoanalyst. Today we visit Carl Jung. Carl Jung was born on July 26, 1875.  Jung audio (2) Born Karl Gustav II Jung, he was an influential thinker, the founder of analytical psychology and a major figure in the development of dream analysis.  Discover what prompted him to take his path in life, studying the human psyche.  His impact on psychology is notable and his theories on introversion and extraversion, continue to have a large influence on psychotherapy today.

Carl made a difference in understanding how we think and react.

Jung - Human brain

Take your students on a journey back to in time and let Carl tell you his own story through our BioView® audio. You will be able to meet Carl as he speaks to you directly. Your students will thoroughly enjoy the audio format – see what they think and then visit us to find more audio titles you can use in class. There are many history lessons about famous people including eBooks for iPads.


  • Where was Carl Jung born?
  • After reading his story, what events do you think prompted Carl to study psychology?
  • What was the name of his publication in 1906?
  • When was the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich founded?

These amazing stories are a solid foundation of proof for teachers and parents to share with students and their children, that determination, hard work and commitment pay off. These inspirational stories are an absorbing, interesting and effective way for you to reinforce not just work ethics, but LIFE ethics too. To appreciate how others have not only changed our world, but how they can encourage and inspire our generation.

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