Join the journey in 1805 and discover the Great Falls of Missouri

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“I saw the spray arise above the plain like a column of smoke….it began to make a roaring too tremendous to be mistaken for any cause short of the great falls of the Missouri.”

great falls

On June 13 in 1805, explorer Meriwether Lewis arrived at the Great Falls of the Missouri River.  Take students on a trek through the wilderness lands west of the Mississippi with Meriwether Lewis on the historical Lewis and Clarke Exhibition which lasted 28 months.


Allow them to make their’ own explorations’ into this adventurous journey and discover that it has both scientific and commercial objectives, as well as the prospect of opening up commerce opportunities.  Throughout his life, Meriwether was a pioneer in exploration and made a significant contribution to science and the North American Continent.

In this title, Amazing Explorers, you will also meet – Jacques Cartier, Amy Johnson, David Livingstone and Marco Polo. 

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  • When was Meriwether Lewis born?
  • What do you think inspired Meriwether to embark on his journey of discovery and exploration?
  • What was the name of the President of the U.S who was also a friend of the Lewis family?
  • This President appointed Meriwether to command an expedition to explore the territory after The Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon. What was this expedition called?
  • We have discussed Meriwether Lewis, but do you know what the other four intrepid explorers did? Write down a brief summary of their contribution to exploration.

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