Imagine ~ the Beatles and John Lennon ~ Australian Tour Anniversary

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Imagine life without music!

imagine music

Beatles in Melb 1964


Today, Australians celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the arrival of music phenomenon, The Beatles in 1964. Many of us will never forget the impact they had on us musically and visually as their presence was captured across Australia.


Beatlemania was a global phenomenon and the world would never be the same again!

  • Give students a break from the usual this week and find out more about John Lennon through his BioView®. You can also ‘visit’ other Amazing Musicians as well.


How lucky are we, to have had the great John Lennon pick up a guitar? Often writing with Paul McCartney, his song writing has brought so many memorable songs to us – Imagine, Revolution, Strawberry Fields Forever, She Loves You, I am the Walrus, Help!, A Day in the Life, Ballad of John and Yoko, In My Life  ………….

Musicians - John Lennon, P

Throughout his outstanding career, John Lennon managed to, not only touch people’s lives through his music, but through his actions as well.

He was a humanitarian, a passionate peace activist and cultural icon to his adoring fans. His music continues to touch and inspire the lives of many today. He is recognized as one of the world’s best known rock stars.  John was the leader of one of the most influential music groups of all time and he also had an equally successful solo career.

His music and legacy will continue in the musical magic he left behind.

John hailed from England and in this title, Amazing People of England, you will meet other amazing and inspirational people who made unforgettable contributions to the world in various fields.

Who inspires you the most from this collection and why?



  • What is your favorite Beatles song?
  • How many concerts did the Beatles play in Australia in 1964?
  • Their cavalcade in Adelaide drew a huge crowd of fans. How many? a) more than 100,000 b) more than 200,000 OR, c) more than 300,000?
  • Where did they first play together?
  • How and who discovered them?
  • Write a short statement about what impact or influence you think they would have on today’s generation?

~ Janine Wakefield ~


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