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For May, we have another great FREEBIE for your school, library or use at home.

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As many will be celebrating Mother’s Day in May, we know this woman’s story will be inspiring and insightful. A mother of six, Caroline Chisholm is a reminder of the lengths some women went to, to encourage and  support others and to put aside their own needs for the advancement of those less fortunate.

Caroline Chisholm

Our FREE eBook and Audio this month is the life story of CAROLINE CHISHOLM.

  • Students will be enthralled to hear Caroline Chisholm tell her own inspirational story by listening to her dramatized audio or reading the eBook version, both are just as captivating.  These unique BioView® stories promote further class activities such as discussions and project work.

Caroline Chisholm led a life of adventure and politics. When she moved from England to Australia, she immediately recognized the need to educate the young convict women.

Chisholm voyage to Australia

Caroline dedicated her life to the young women and families who settled in Australia.  She created better living standards and is remembered with gratitude, by thousands. She was never deterred from her path by bureaucratic red tape and always fought for what she believed in. She is an inspiration to many.

What do you know about Caroline Chisholm

  • In what country did Caroline establish the Female School of Industry for Daughters of European Soldiers?
  • In what year did Caroline first arrive in Australia?
  • What city in Australia has a suburb in the name of Chisholm?
  • What Australian bank note featured Caroline’s face?
  • Caroline was known as ‘The   ?    Friend’
  • Where is her portrait held in Australia?


Caroline Chisholm’s story is a must read for students. From England to Australia, this woman was a pioneering humanitarian, as well as an amazing mother, and she dedicated her life to the betterment of others.

We can learn a lot from the achievements of amazing people; not only in the areas for which they are acclaimed, but in the way they lived their lives. Their selfless approach to life and the many people they assisted, is encouragement for all of us, in times of doubt and hardship.

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