Joseph Lister – Surgeon and Anti-Sepsis Researcher

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We celebrate the birthday of JOSEPH LISTER on April 5. 

Joseph Lister was the pioneer of antiseptic surgery. Post-operative infections were a serious problem until Joseph’s research produced carbolic acid.

Joseph Lister

Wounds and surgical instruments were successfully sterilized and resulted in a reduction in infections. Spurned on by the work of Louis Pasteur, Joseph researched into infection control and enforced strict hygiene routines in hospitals before and after surgery.

Old surgery

Joseph was a gifted Doctor and surgeon. He also improved both mastectomy and kneecap surgery. He was held in high esteem and some of his patients were high profile public figures.


  • When and where was he born
  • Who was he an assistant surgeon to after he moved to Scotland
  • Who was one of Joseph Lister’s most famous female patients
  • What year was Joseph Knighted
  • Joseph assisted in an appendectomy on another famous person. Who was it?
  • Name three prestigious awards received by Joseph
  • A product we still use today was named after him – what is it?

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