Who is The Man of Steel?

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Is this him?superman

Fore many students, this in the only Man of Steel they know!  However, the ‘super man’ we are referring to was a prolific inventor. His successful and valuable creations, resulted in many patents being awarded to him. 

  • He is considered by many to have laid the foundation to the Industrial Revolution.
  • His breakthrough in steel production techniques attracted much recognition and a successful career.
  • It was his combination of innovation and business skills that made him such an amazing entrepreneur.

    He was also knighted!

Our modern steel technology is based on his process which he patented in 1855. This process was called ‘a decarbonisation process, utilising a blast of air’. bessemer


Sir Henry Bessemer. Meet the true man of steel in his BioView®.    Bessemer portrait A remarkable story of creativity told in the form of a virtual biographical interview that captures many of his achievements.


  • What did Henry invent at the tender age of 17?
  • How many patents did Henry take out during his very creative life? (a) 19 (b) 39 (c) 59 (d)  79 (e) 109 (f) 129 ?
  • What was the idea his sister gave him that made Henry a lot of money?
  • When was Henry knighted?

Want to meet more Amazing People?Meet-Amazing-People-Full

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