‘C’ – Who Am I?

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…..but FIRST, let us reveal Wednesday’s ‘Who Am I’ ….

Wednesday’s Amazing Person was, Educator, REG REVANS! Meet the lesser-known, but no less amazing, Dr Reg Revans. He is one of the great management thinkers and pioneered Action Learning, a process we can all use in our lives. The field of organisational development and the idea of action learning, was pioneered by Professor Reg Revans. A scientist by training, he made a major contribution to the education of children and adults. Also an Olympic athlete, he represented England, at the 1928 Summer Games in athletics. 


Many have been influenced by his work and as a result of his ideas and processes, they were in turn, able to develop and contribute to our world.  By any standard, Reg was a remarkable man. “Learning must be equal to or greater than the rate of change” – Reg Revans

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Thursday – WHO AM I?

question mark 2

  • My surname begins with the letter ‘C’
  • I was born in Norfolk, England
  • My father was an Anglican Priest
  • I was home schooled
  • Trained to become a teacher
  • Worked as a governess
  • Left my position to care for my sick father
  • I was awarded a medal for my work during a typhoid outbreak
  • I was head of the Belgium School of Registered Nurses
  • I was active in the resistance during WWI

Who am I?

Check in tomorrow at Amazing People Education tomorrow to find out who today’s person is AND to take on the next ‘who am I’ challenge beginning with the next letter ‘H’.


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