Who was born 539 years ago today?

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Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475.

539 years ago, this incredible gifted artist came into the world. Michelangelo was an artist, a sculptor, an architect and wrote poetry! The Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. His many works are viewed by millions of tourists every year.

Michelangelo sistine chapel ceiling

Students can learn more about the amazing life and talents of Michelangelo in this Multimedia Textbook.


Michelangelo iBook Cover -

In this multimedia textbook from The Amazing People Club®, discover the inspirational life story of artist Michelangelo in an entirely new way.

  • Watch him literally “come to life” as an avatar as he talks about the key chapters in his life.
  • Learn about his early works, the start of his career, the people who influenced and inspired him and the challenges that he faced and ultimately overcame, to become one of the world’s most celebrated artists.
  • Find out why he is the master of Renaissance art.
  • From his first commissions finishing marble statues in Bologna, to masterpieces that include the Statue of David and the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

This interactive textbook also includes a range of engaging and educational media resources.

  • Explore an interactive version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
  • View stunning photographs of Michelangelo’s most influential works.
  • Explore some of the stunning places throughout Italy, which became inspirational backdrops to his work.
  • A multiple choice quiz is also included that enables readers to test their new knowledge about the artist.
Michelangelo portrait by our artist Emily Hamilton – click portrait to view more portraits by Emily

Michelangelo’s story is revealed through his educational BioView®, which is a short biographical story, similar to an interview.

It has been enhanced with a range of multimedia resources, which will engage readers and support inspirational learning. There is no doubt that Michelangelo’s artistic contributions are unrivalled.


Multimedia textbooks from The Amazing People Club® provide a new way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions to our world.

Teachers can create a valuable class activity utilising our Multimedia Textbooks. Engage your students in activities that lead to interaction within the class and much enthusiasm.

students ibooksThe students at Castle Vale High School show us how these titles are a valuable addition to learning.

Amazing People Education is brought to you by The Amazing People Club – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students and teachers worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free Amazing Teacher Toolkit. To get involved in our direct-to-classroom resources, be sure to check out these Education Case Studies.

We would like you to try some of our amazing class starters and let us know how they were received by teachers and students. 

For further information, please contact marion@amazingpeopleclub.com, or visit www.amazingpeopleclub.com

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