Our Children’s Reading Skills – under the microscope!

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A recent newspaper article stated –  “Busy parents wish they had more time to read with their kids but are struggling to find the spare minutes and energy each day to give them the crucial one-on-one attention. Experts warn that children who missed out on core literacy skills from learning to love books at a young age could be left lagging behind their classmates in their later school years”.

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A senior lecturer and early childhood teacher from Macquarie University’s Institute of Early Childhood said, “parents sharing a book with their children was exceptionally valuable for their future reading and writing skills”.

Further studies show very clearly that introducing books and reading to our children at an early age is the core of sound literacy skills.

baby reading

This article by Sheryl Rogers, Director of Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee, is a must read. She highlights the following points and confirms that “reading to your child is incredibly beneficial, no matter how young the child is”.

  • School Preparation
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Education Advancement
  • Passion for Books
  • Stress Management

Dr Charles Margerison has researched many aspects of reading and ways to entice more interest in this activity. An activity that once was the core of family life in most homes all over the world.


Variety is the spice of life, even when it comes to reading. Find other forms that will stimulate and excite reading. The best stories should be ones that children find the most interesting. Their reading skills will develop so they are confident to read books and text that are introduced at school.

BioViews®  – Incredible stories about amazing people, like Shakespeare, Curie, Mozart, Washington, in the form of a BioView® – this is a biographical interview. Their stories are told in the first person, as if they have travelled through time to give the interview of their life. They now appear in books such as Amazing Women, Amazing Americans, Amazing Entrepreneurs, Amazing Careers, Amazing Olympians and many more.


In education, our stories are seen as a source of inspirational learning, where they bring the classroom to life for both students and teachers alike.

eBooks – Multimedia range of eBooks, that take full advantage of modern iPad technology. These engage children through video, audio, image and text.

Avatar software brings learners ‘face to face’ with amazing people, who have made major contributions to important fields such as art, exploration, business, politics and science.

Case Study – View how students at Castle Vale High School in the U.K. ‘met’ amazing people and discovered a new and exciting way to read and learn. The Amazing People Club is proud to share this video. It depicts how teachers and students alike, embraced AMAZING PEOPLE WORLD in their classroom. 

CastleVale thumbnail 1

Using examples of Amazing People like Christopher Columbus and Michelangelo, the students embarked on a voyage of discovery into their incredible lives. These resources provide engaging and entertaining inspirational learning tools.

Librarians – Amazing People Library is now online! Now available as a complete, searchable collection featuring hundreds of narrated stories with new and updated characters added regularly, The Amazing People Library is the perfect resource.

library apl-logo-heads

Famous literary icons – Meet Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Voltaire in Amazing Writers. 


There is no doubt in any of our minds that they would be a little disappointed that reading skills have dropped and we don’t appear to have enough time to share this simple past-time. Read about their lives and be inspired to re-introduce reading every day.


  • Start reading early to your baby
  • Read interesting stories your child will like
  • Variety – read other forms such educational ‘comics’
  • Use some of television time for reading
  • Look at your time management

Article and Class Activities by Dr Margerison: Will You Read This?

Amazing People Education is brought to you by The Amazing People Club – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students and teachers worldwide. To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews®, please download our free Amazing Teacher Toolkit. To get involved in our direct-to-classroom resources, be sure to check out these Education Case Studies.

We would like you to try some of our amazing class starters and let us know how they were received by teachers and students. To take a peek at how some students reacted when they came face to face with Columbus and Michelangelo, please see our video from Castle Vale High School.

For further information, please contact marion@amazingpeopleclub.com, or visit www.amazingpeopleclub.com

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