Thanksgiving is here – celebrate!

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We are delighted to share some stories about famous Americans during the Thanksgiving celebrations.

TEACHERS and STUDENTS – Here’s a quick quiz about some Amazing Americans.

This is an opportunity to test your knowledge of how historic Americans used their time well. If you can successfully name 8 or more then you have a very good knowledge of American history.

The people mentioned below are part of a book called Amazing Americans that provides an insight into their personal lives. You can find out how they succeeded and learn many valuable lessons from them.

2 July book

Who Were These People?


1. After becoming blind at an early age, I devoted my life to helping develop educational facilities for those with similar disabilities.

Who was I?


2. I discovered a way to revolutionize home cooking via the microwave.

What was my name?


3. By developing the laser, I facilitated major changes in medicine, business and the home.

Can you name me?


4. My research saved many lives by finding a way of preventing people becoming ill with polio, and millions of lives have been saved.

What is my name?


5. Most messages were carried on horses until I developed the new telegraphic communication system that enabled people to get news via a system of dots and dashes. The system was called a code and named after me.

What is my name?


6. I was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Please name me.


7. You benefit from the product that I created everyday when you use a computer, or use the phone and many other products, as they contain micro chips.

Who am I ?


8.  I am the only American to have the honor of gaining two Nobel Prizes.

What is my name?

Business Innovation

9. Arriving in New York, I had no money, but succeeded. I founded the General Electric Company and lit up the streets of New York with electric light.

Please name me.


10. I was with my troops, fighting the British, when the Declaration of Independence was signed and I became the first President of the USA once victory was achieved.

Who am I?


Could you name these Amazing Americans?  They are founding fathers and mothers of the United States of America and led inspirational lives.  You can learn more about them and many more in Amazing Americans.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, make sure you stop and give thanks to all those early pioneers who shaped your country. Praise for their hard work, determination and innovative ideas.

Thanksgiving first at Plymouth 1914
Thanksgiving at Plymouth 1914

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