November, anniversary of The Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln

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President Abraham Lincoln on his way to deliver his most important speech in America called The Gettysburg Address.

Abraham Lincoln (highlighted)

Would you like to have met Abraham Lincoln and had a discussion about his life and career? Well now here is your opportunity through our unique BioView® about Abraham Lincoln. 

Click HERE to view this amazing way of learning about President Abraham Lincoln and see class ideas below.


As one of the most influential of all the American Presidents, his story is a fascinating journey for students.

  • From a log cabin to the White House, Abraham Lincoln became an amazing leader, who played a crucial role in the abolition of slavery
  • With little education, discover how this farm worker went on to become a lawyer and then the President of the USA
  • His story has been explored in many ways and in this title you can gain a unique and personal insight into his inspirational life
Lincolns hand notes edit Gettysburg address
Lincoln’s notes, editing his speech


  1. What was the date and year of The Gettysburg Address?
  2. What was the name of the war in America at the time?
  3. What are the iconic words at the commencement if his speech?
  4. Read the speech and discuss what Abraham’s message was?
  5. Choose a class member to act out Abraham Lincoln delivering his speech. The rest of the class can act as the congregation.

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