Born November 7, 1867 – First woman to receive the Nobel Prize!

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Her achievements are so commendable and inspiring. Marie Curie’s story is the perfect class project. Students can learn how she worked tirelessly to become the first woman to be awarded The Nobel Prize. From a humble life which included caring for her younger sister, Marie’s story is one all students should embrace and learn from.

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A selfless genius and a dedicated mother who has left an amazing legacy for her children. Marie Curie literally offered her life for the work she believed in.  She was also a passionate mother and wife,  and her love for her husband Pierre was very deep.  She displayed much courage as she pressed forward with her work and research. Be inspired by this amazing woman who through her strong problem solving abilities, research capabilities, creativity, and organizational skills, was able to achieve life-changing success in her work.


  • What did Marie study at the Sorbonne University?
  • When did she meet Pierre Curie?
  • In what year did Marie receive her first Nobel Prize?
  • In what fields did she win Nobel Prizes?
  • What was the name of the mobile radiography units used in the World War 1?
  • When was The Curie Foundation established?

How did she do all of this and still find the time to be a devoted mother?  Her story is truly fascinating and she deserves the admiration of every scientist, woman and mother on this earth for her tenacious spirit and the sacrifices she made.

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