STUDENTS RESEARCH – on Jonas Salk’s Birthday

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To find the enemy discover where it lives

When attacking the enemy look at how it behaves

To destroy the enemy, analyze how it breeds

In my case, the enemy was xxxxx?


Jonas Salk’s birthday on October 28, 1914 is a very special birthday for all of us to remember.

  1. Why? What disease did he research and discover a vital cure for?
  2. What year did Jonas graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree from The City College of
    New York?
  3. What research did he first undertake with Dr Thomas Francis Jr?
  4. Fill in the word – Jonas was named ‘American Xxxxxxxx of the Year ‘in 1976?
  5. In what year was ‘this disease’ eradicated in the U.S.?
  • Some had to live their days in an iron lung, in order to breathe
  • Outbreaks reached pandemic proportions between 1900 and 1960

Disease triangle

The development of this vaccine by Jonas Salk was a huge breakthrough for medicine.  Born in New York City to Jewish parents, Jonas studied medicine before deciding on a career in medical research.  Be inspired by his tireless efforts to find this crucial vaccine.  Experience how he took huge yet vital risks, even with his own family’s health, to achieve his extraordinary results. Meet Jonas Salk and answer the questions above and find out how important his research and work were for all of us world-wide.

Salk eBook

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