Day 3 of this week’s 5 Amazing Entrepreneurs

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DAY 3 – Thanks to James Harrison, we progressed from this ice making patent here –

Harrison, James 1st patent on ice making machine 1856
James Harrison’s 1st patent on ice making machine 1856

to this modern-day refrigerator – Refrigerator today 1

Imagine life today without this advanced refrigeration! Do you go camping? How do you keep your food and drinks fresh and cold?

Read more about James Harrison and his entrepreneurial talent.  His invention of the refrigerator has become a necessity in all our homes today. Can you believe he started his career as a book binder and a publisher?

How does someone go from being a book binder and publisher to inventor?

James Harrison

Follow him on this journey from overseas and his discovery that led to the invention of the ether liquid vapour compression fridge.

He was a man of many talents and his work in refrigeration, both domestic and commercial, has revolutionized the way the world stores and transports food.  The benefits are evident in medical research and treatments, as well as improved nutrition for all people.  His legacy has continued to benefit millions of people.


  • Where was James Harrison born?
  • How did he make the discovery that led to his ice-making machine?
  • What year did he patent the refrigeration system in Sydney, Australia?
  • In 1867, James became the Editor of what well-known newspaper in Melbourne, Australia?
  • What did he win a gold medal for in Melbourne in 1873?

Find out all these answers at Amazing Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneurs_0

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