Margaret Sanger – Health Awareness month continues

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sangerAs we focus on health issues this month, it is an opportune time to remember Margaret Sanger, a pioneer of her time for her work relating to woman’s rights.

In particular, she focused on the issues related to sexual health.  She was the subject of much criticism as she spoke out on subjects like birth control and abortion, as the world was not yet prepared to discuss such ‘delicate matters’.

As a nurse, her efforts for social reform saw her establish the first birth control clinic in the United States. Where did her motivation come from?  Explore why she tirelessly continue to crusade, to provide women and girls with the information they needed to protect themselves.

Her story reflects the courage it takes to fight for what you believe to be right.

doc and nurses1

Learn more about the dedication and courage of Margaret Sanger. Find out what motivated her to continue her fight for all women HERE in this compelling BioView® of her life. Explore how doctors and nurses have developed their remarkable skills and methods to help patients, supported by researchers in many fields.


  • When did Margaret open the first birth control clinic in the U.S.?

How many times was she arrested?

What was the name of the first newspaper articles she published in 1913?

After reading Margaret’s story, what is your opinion on the work she has done?


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