Meet Michael Faraday

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Born Sept 22 1791, this English scientist, was a man of extraordinary ability.  Although his biggest breakthrough was the invention of the electric motor, his endless pursuit of more knowledge resulted in even further important discoveries in electricity.


Join him on his scientific career that spanned over 45 years.  He dedicated his life to widening perceptions and learning more about the world.  There is much that we can learn from his endless curiosity and tireless determination. Faraday-Millikan-Gale-1913

This unique collection of short stories reveals the lives of some of the world’s greatest and most influential scientists. Meet Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Newton, Tesla and Salk, and get a very personal sense of what they achieved. Understand the challenges and risks they all faced. Explore the social as well as the technical aspects of their everyday. Be inspired as their great stories come to life through BioViews® offering a new perspective on the lives of these amazing people. Amazing Scientists.

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