What was one of THE MOST important MEDICAL DISCOVERIES in history in September 1928?

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PENICILLIN – The most powerful of all antibiotics. It has changed the face of medicine in a profound way.

fleming Penicillin_core.svg[1]

Discover  how a lack of orderliness in his lab, led to Alexander Fleming discovering  penicillin.  The most powerful of all  antibiotics, it has changed the face of medicine in a profound way.  His initial work and publications on this  started what was to become the development of one of the most important  scientific and medical discoveries in history.


  • Research how he made this discovery?
  • Where would we be without it today?
  • When did Fleming receive his Nobel Prize?
  • Who were also significant in the discovery of Penicillin?

Learn more from Alexander Fleming himself as he tells you his own story through his BioView® in Amazing Scientists – here students will also meet the likes of Marie Curie – Chemist and Physicist, Galileo Galilei – Physicist and Astronomer, Louis Pasteur – Chemist and Microbiologist, Ivan Pavlov – Psychologist,  Karen Horney – Psychologist and many more.

fleming Nobel from King Gustaf V of Sweden 1945
Receiving the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945

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