National Women’s Friendship Day – this weekend

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This weekend is the perfect time to remember those beautiful women in our lives.

We all have family ties that mean the world to us and friends we have known for many years right through our childhood and into our adult years. We may have discovered new friends along the way that now have a special place in our hearts. Whether or not you are an adult or a young lady still in school, embrace your family and girlfriends this weekend.


  • Who do you rate as your absolute BFF? (Oh for those not up to the ‘lingo’, that’s Best Friends Forever) and Why?
  • Do you have a particular female family member that really connects with you and Why?

This is the time to reflect on close friends who may need your support.

Do you have a friend in need? Why not make a point of focusing on them this weekend? Call them or arrange to meet them. If you can’t be in contact for some reason, ‘think’ about them.

This month is also Women of Achievement Month.

We have so much to celebrate together. Women are strong characters. When we ‘visit’ the stories of amazing women who have had an impact on the direction the world has taken and the many legacies they have left behind, we can only gain much inspiration, goal setting and desire to achieve as they did. Meet women who achieved greatness. Their BioViews® are uplifting.


We use that word a lot. However, it always captures what we intend to get across so perfectly. We aim to inspire women of all ages from all over the world. No matter what you do in your life, inspiration is what helps us to get the best out of what we want to achieve. Most importantly we don’t have to be ‘high flying’ achievers! Motherhood, family life, school, career, travel – when we are inspired we are able to apply ourselves with gusto and determination in whatever we choose to do.


Inspiration comes in many ways – here’s a small example about being inspired regarding our children and reading. Most of you may be aware that local libraries are not frequented as often these days. A young Mum spoke to me yesterday saying she has begun taking her two daughters to the library every fortnight after school. She said the difference in her youngest daughter’s acceptance of books again and reading is amazing. The girls are now so eager for their library day. So I was inspired to do exactly that and pass this on to other Mums today. It simply INSPIRES you to receive ideas that are working and are achievable. So it goes to say, learning about others is a positive action.

Coco Chanel 

How successful was Coco Chanel? Today, women in many parts of the world are still wearing her design. Earrings, handbags, perfume….she really has made a lasting mark on the world. Share her story through her own BioView® with the BFF’s in your life.


NOW – scroll back up our article and look at the bold words. Think about your life. What direction do you want to take?

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