Class Project – Anniversary of The Great Fire of London

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On September 2, 1666, London awoke to an inferno that historically was named The Great Fire of London. It was finally extinguished days later with much of London destroyed.


What was the cause of the fire? What made the fire spread so quickly?

One page essay – You are now in the year 1666. You have a spouse and four young children. You wake to the smell of fire in your small house. Like many homes of the poor at the time, the walls are covered with tar to keep out the rain.  A fire has just started on the roof and small flames can be seen reflected in the window of the house next door as you peer out into the night. What do you do? How do you feel? How does your family react?

Great Fire of London map

You will need to research the year, the classes of people, the area where the fire began, the conditions at the time of the fire and most importantly, the fire fighting methods available. 

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