A great example for students to show how determination pays off

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Class activity – research aviation and focus on Frank Whittle.

Next time you travel by jet plane or see a jet whizzing across the skies, think of Frank Whittle.

Frank WhittleFrank died on 9th August, 1996 so we are celebrating his life today. His sheer determination is a great story to share with students and children.

Frank is a great example of determination despite limitations. 

Trained as a pilot in the RAF, Frank focused on the use of gas turbine engines as a propulsion force for planes, rather than just using propellers.

  • What is the name of this aircraft?
  • When was it developed?

Whittle Gloster_E28-39_first_prototyp_lr

Discover how, despite setbacks, Frank continued, undeterred, with his research. You will appreciate his resolution and determination and without his vision, the world would not know international and space travel as we experience it today.

Learn more about Frank and other amazing aviators HERE.

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