Celebrate the birthday this month of Maria Montessori – Free eBook or audio

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Meet Maria Montessori

montessori and child

Many people do not know that she was actually the first female doctor in Italy. Maria is an inspiring role model for girls as she had to overcome some prejudice to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. When her first application at medical school was refused, Maria stayed firm in her belief and told the interviewing professor, “I know I shall become a doctor”.

Motessori - first school in Holland 1915
First Montessori school in Holland – 1915

She believed education was essential to the achievement of peace and went on to develop a revolutionary teaching method.   It grew into a movement that spread all over the world. Find out how the Montessori schools came about as her story comes to life through her BioView®. See our page depicting Maria’s eBook and audio and then join us this month to get it free.

We are delighted to feature Maria this month and you can get her free eBook or audio until the end of August. Simply register HERE.


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