Remembering Eva Peron!

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On July 26, 1952 Eva Peron left this world, but her legacy lives on. She started out life in poor circumstances, however, she became an established actress and more, due to hard work and sheer determination.


  • What else did she turn her amazing talents to?
  • Who did she marry?
  • What was the name of the musical that celebrated her life?

Eva applied the same tenacity to her political endeavours and was instrumental in women being given the right to vote.  She led an amazing life as an entertainer and a politician and is remembered as one of the most influential figures in Argentina’s history.  Her trailblazing work encouraged women to be treated as equals and raised awareness of the poverty problems, in her own country and throughout the world.

Find out more about Eva’s career and life story HERE –  and meet other famous and inspiring people and learn about their Amazing Careers.


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