Family entertainment entered our lives in a big way in 1955! An AMAZING place!

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In July 1955, a man changed the idea of ‘entertainment’ in a ………………


Disneyland was officially opened to the public. Walt Disney has touched the minds and imaginations of children and adults around the world. His wonderful imagination and artistry is now etched into our minds forever. Follow Walt Disney’s journey, which surprisingly included bankruptcy and commercial failure. He did not let that stop him from achieving the greatest successes.  How did he achieve this dream of his?

2.57 for children and adults 2

You can meet not only Walt Disney, but other Amazing People your students can aspire to. These people have had Amazing Careers, they were Amazing Entrepreneurs and there are many other Amazing People here to learn more about, and more importantly, to LEARN FROM.  Below, you can test students knowledge of these great business minds and stimulate a dialogue around HOW these people achieved great things.

Meet  Walt Disney.

How did Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Coco Chanel choose their careers? Discover how these and other high achievers became successful in Amazing Careers.

Were the people who developed successful businesses lucky or did they have special talents? In Amazing Entrepreneurs, you can explore these questions through the lives of some of the world’s most inspirational people and perhaps be motivated to do likewise!

Here is an Entrepreneurs Quiz, to test your knowledge.  Give it a go and see how you fare, before looking at the answers!!  Access this quiz HERE.  Discuss  what you think contributed to their success.  Define characteristics and attributes that they displayed and explain how these helped them achieve greatness.  Identify your own opportunities and talk about how you could convert these into achievements.


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We would like you to try some of our amazing class starters and let us know how they were received by teachers and students. To take a peek at how some students reacted when they came face to face with Columbus and Michelangelo, please see our video from Castle Vale High School.

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