Fancy being woken up early one morning and told you were The Queen of England!!

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On June 20, 1837, a young girl is woken in the early hours of the morning and told some amazing news; that she was now the Queen of England! 800px-Victoriatothrone

Queen Victoria – her story is such an inspiring one – students from all around the world, from all walks of life should be given the opportunity to learn more about this amazing monarch.



  • How can we take her life story and learn from it?
  • How can this encourage young girls to take pride in who they are?
  • Teachers, students can discuss how they would react at 18 with a major event happening in their lives. We may not have been born into such circumstances, but we can all apply the achievements of others in some way, to our own lives.


  • Outline in about 500 words, the main social changes that Queen Victoria would have seen during her reign?
  • Provide three points for a monarchy and three points against. Then indicate, in 300 to 500 words, why you support or reject any of the points.
  • The British Empire expanded considerably during the reign of Queen Victoria. Draw a map to show the extent of the Empire.

From a cute little four year old, to her teens……………….

Denning,_Stephen_Poyntz_-_Princess_Victoria_aged_Four_-_Google_Art_Project        403px-Princess_Victoria_and_Dash_by_George_Hayter

………then suddenly, Victoria is Queen at the age of 18.


Over the course of her reign her popularity grew, as she continued to show strength and courage, surviving seven attempts that were made on her life. She used her influence to support peace and reconciliation.  Queen Victoria, a mother of nine was also known as the Empress of India, for her strong support of the Empire.  She is the longest reigning royal in British history. We can all hear Queen Victoria tell us her story through her BioView®.

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