How much do we rely on the electric light bulb?

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Our featured ‘father’ for June, Henry Ford, was great pals with Thomas Edison. No wonder they were drawn together. Both possessed amazing foresight and became great businessmen.

Edison and Ford
Thomas with Henry Ford – February 1929

Be inspired by Thomas Edison – the great American inventor, scientist and businessman, as he tells his own incredible story. The third most prolific inventor in history. Thomas Edison was responsible for many amazing inventions, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera and, most famously, the electric light-bulb.

His U.S. Electric-Lamp Patent – January 1880

This invention alone has changed the world.  However, Thomas Edison also made important innovations in telecommunications and electrical supply, which people often forget about. Imagine a world without batteries for electric cars, electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures! Take a unique view into the life of this extraordinary man! Introduce Thomas Edison to your class today and take the opportunity to compare the items we all use today to those that Thomas invented – a real eye opener and the chance to appreciate history.

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