FREE eBook and Audio for Father’s Day – Henry Ford

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Teachers, parents, students – Henry Ford’s eBook and Audio are FREE THIS MONTH! With Father’s Day fast approaching, we are sharing this father and ‘the father’ of the Ford Motor
Company with you. Joining us is free and you will not only get Henry’s story
this month, but you will have access to amazing, inspirational learning tools
and future FREE material. We promote amazing education so come and join us.

On the 4th of June in1896, Henry Ford introduced his Quadricycle to America and proudly drove it along the streets of Detroit. It was the first automobile he designed.

Henry and wife Clara


This is a remarkable day to celebrate! We can take the opportunity over the next week or so, to highlight Henry Ford’s amazing achievements.

  • A positive class activity, beginning with our amazing BioView® with Henry. His story will immediately captivate students as they hear Henry tell his own story. This can be followed up with students taking on their own research into his full history and what cars are like today – we are sure the male students will love this part of the research!
  • This class activity will encompass much of the following – History of famous Americans, inventions, engineering, business, manufacturing, motivation, creativity, organization and DREAMS (just to name a few) and can open the door for more activities in the months to come.

Henry’s BioView® will give you an insight into his life, the man behind one of the biggest car brands in the world. Born on a farm, Henry’s journey took him to Detroit, where he built the first mass-produced vehicles – the Model T, the Model A and the system of ’Fordism’. ie the introduction of the assembly line.

Ford assembly line

His talent for invention and machines is inspirational, and combined with his remarkable business sense, saw him enjoy much global success. Not just and engineer, Henry was also a business man full of drive and commitment.

Ford pic

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We would like you to try some of our amazing class starters and let us know how they were received by teachers and students. To take a peek at how some students reacted when they came face to face with Columbus and Michelangelo, please see our video from Castle Vale High School.

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    […] An Amazing American – Henry Ford […]

    […] An Amazing American – Henry Ford ( […]

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