American Red Cross Founded in 1881 – “A symbol of hope”

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Don’t let this day pass by without thanking humanitarians Clara Barton and Adolphus Solomons, who founded the American Red Cross.


Like Clara and Adolphus, there are so many amazing people in history to thank for their inspiration and dedication. It is from their unique insight and selfless work that we have benefited in the midst of such things as wars, natural disasters, medical break-throughs and social suffering.

  • Stories of amazing humanitarians, doctors, nurses, scientists and inventors in history are here for you to meet, including many other Amazing Americans. They tell their own stories directly to you through our BioViews in book form, eBook and audios. 
  • Today, as teachers, parents and historians, we can focus on humanity and how our beliefs and ideas can make a difference. Just like The Red Cross, a symbol of hope and the future.


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