MAY 17, 1792 – Did you know the New York Stock Exchange was formed under a buttonwood tree?

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Yes that’s right!  Over 220 years ago, 24 stock brokers in the United States signed a trading agreement under a humble buttonwood tree on Wall Street. Who would have envisaged that this would become a multi-billion dollar stock exchange?

ny stock signing

The anniversary of the NYSE today brings our thoughts to all those amazing business entrepreneurs that have forged their way into a fast-paced world full of competition and at times, uncertainty.


Entrepreneurs are often in the news. They always are when people are losing their jobs. Governments suddenly want to encourage new businesses to create employment and it’s difficult and there are risks. We admire those people who have taken their ideas and followed them through to develop a successful business.

That’s why we have our Amazing Entrepreneurs.  It depicts many who have launched a business and made millions. Surprisingly, many of them were school drop-outs and had little education.



  • Thomas Edison – he arrived in New York broke and had to borrow a dollar to get a meal. How he succeeded is one of the great stories featured.
  • Andrew Carnegie – went from rags to riches in 20 years.
  • Coco Chanel – went from the poorhouse to power in Paris.
  • Ray Kroc – was a pianist and salesman. For years, he had dreamed of being very successful. But, he was 54 years of age before he found how to do it.

These stories are for you to share with students and family, to inspire them, to encourage their ideas. Our world needs new and inventive entrepreneurs and dedicated career people – to keep us focused on a positive future where there is still much to be learned.

They are all amazing and inspirational stories that give us clues on how to succeed.

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