Anniversary of the first Smallpox inoculation by Dr Edwad Jenner

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 ‘Don’t think……Try!’ was the advice given to the young Edward Jenner by his teacher.


Edward followed this advice throughout his life with amazing results!  Be inspired by, Dr Edward Jenner; the ‘Father of Immunology’, the pioneer of the smallpox vaccine and the man whose works have saved countless lives, as he reveals his own incredible story. Follow Dr Jenner’s fascinating life journey from student to general practitioner and surgeon, to his astounding and innovative research into vaccination.

Dr Jenner

Dr Jenner’s discovery has eradicated this very serious and contagious disease. To really understand what we are ‘not missing’ thanks to Dr Jenner, look up smallpox and be grateful at the success of our medical pioneers. Meet and appreciate Dr Edward Jenner.


  1. Where was Edward Jenner born?
  2. How did he first discover a possible cure?
  3. When was the results of his work published?
  4. What ‘outside’ interest did Edward Jenner have?
  • At Amazing People Club we are proud to introduce our historical stories. The importance of educating everyone about how the world has developed, is a task that is not limited to the classroom. We can all be inspired by these amazing and inspirational stories. 

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