A Mother, A Scientist, A Researcher – an overall amazing role model for students.

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Marie Curie

Would teachers like to discover an innovative way to connect topics with people?  Personalising a subject makes it far easier to engage students and springboard into various areas, that may otherwise be daunting, or even ‘boring’ for students. Let us take the example of Marie Curie, the great Scientist, and with Mother’s Day coming up, it would be timely to allow students to connect with this amazing woman in a most unique way.  Bring edu-tainment to the classroom!

A selfless genius and a dedicated mother who has left an amazing legacy for her children. Marie Curie literally offered her life for the work she believed in.  She was also a passionate mother and wife,   and her love for Pierre was very deep.  She displayed much courage as she pressed forward with her work and research. Be inspired by this amazing woman who through her strong problem solving abilities, research capabilities, creativity, and organizational skills, was able to achieve success in her work and receive two Nobel Prizes. How did she do all of this and still find the time to be a devoted mother?  Her story is truly fascinating and she deserves the admiration of every scientist, woman and mother on this earth for her tenacious spirit and the sacrifices she made.

We are pleased to share the achievements of this amazing woman via BioViews(r), which are biographical interviews, told in the first person.  Her inspirational story can be found in several of our education titles HERE.

Amazing People Education is brought to you by The Amazing People Club – an international education publisher that is bringing these sensational resources to students and teachers worldwide.  To explore tips and tricks on classroom edu-tainment using BioViews(r) please download our free Amazing Teacher Toolkit.  To get involved in our direct-to-classroom resources, be sure to check out these Education Case Studies.

We would like you to try some of our amazing class starters and let us know how they were received by teachers and students.  To take a peek at how some students reacted when they came face to face with Columbus and Michelangelo, please see our video from Castle Vale High School


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