Anne Burras

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Be inspired by ANNE BURRAS

An Amazing American Mother

America celebrates Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart and many others who have contributed to building the nation. They have monuments and memorabilia named after them.


So, why has Anne Burras been ignored? She is one of the most important women in American history. At the age of 14, she arrived in Jamestown in 1608, as the maid of Mrs Forrest. They were the only two women amongst 200 men. Mrs Forrest died, soon after arrival, and teenager Anne had to fend for herself.


 Not for long however, as John Leyden befriended her and they were the first couple to be married in the Jamestown colony. Anne gave birth to four daughters and raised the first colonial family in America. Therefore, Anne Burras, or Mrs Leyden as she became known, has the right to be called the founding European Mother of America.


It is time that Anne Burras, the maidservant who became the founding colonial mother, is recognized.

  • Why not build a statue to her memory?
  • Why not have a national holiday in her name, representing what women have done to develop America?
  • Why not make her a folk heroine whose story is told in every school?
  • Indeed, why is Anne Burras not already famous?


 Dr Charles Margerison – Founder – The Amazing People Club 



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