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Defining a book – eBook, iBook?

Until recently, it was easy to define a book. It was something that you could read in a printed form and was bound by two covers.

We are about to see many new forms of the book. But, it is bad news for booksellers in the high street and shopping centres, as most book shops will go out of business.

An interative book will provide you with an audio version of the text when you press a button. It will provide a video version when you press another button. You will be able to interrogate it through a number of pick and play choices. Our Amazing People publications will be part of the new approach.

Apple Inc have released their ibook and self development guide. It is a multi-media source of information, available only through online ibookstore outlets. That is why bookshops will be closing.

But, it is good news for authors. You will be able to create interesting interactive content and get your publication into the market within a few hours of its creation. No longer will you have to go on bended knee to the publishers and ask them to publish your work.

So, the second group to receive a big shock will be the big publishing houses.Thousands of people will lose their jobs.

The third group will be librarians. We will see many libraries close down. People will not need to go to a library as they can download everything they need. Many librarians will be out of work.

The fourth group to be surprised will be teachers. Apple will make textbooks in multi media form. At the flick of a finger, students will have a vast amount of information. That already is the case through online search engines, such as Google, but now the material for a topic will be in one place – the ibook.

So, it will be a major benefit for all students. Instead of breaking their backs carrying all the books for homework, they will just have one small electronic device, such as an Apple ipad.

Get ready for the revolution. We are producing the multi media applications for teachers, students and parents in conjunction with our new publishing partner, Apple Inc, and competing for the multi billion dollar market in ibook publishing.

It will be an interesting and exciting journey. Please join us, regards,

Charles Margerison – President of Amazing People Club

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