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With Valentine’s day approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on love and relationships. I wanted to share the following beautiful article by Charles Margerison…..,enjoy and be inspired.



When did you first fall in love and why? Indeed, love stories emerge for different reasons. Why, for example, did William Shakespeare marry Anne Hathaway who was eight years older than him? Why did Napoleon, the most powerful man in France marry Josephine who he knew had many previous lovers?

How did Cassanova manage to have so many relationships without marrying? Why did many women agree to become mistresses, rather than press for marriage before agreeing to a long term relationship? Madame de Pompadour’s long term relationship with King Louis XV is one example amongst many.

February 14th is Saint Valentine’s Day, which commemorates love between people. Some would now say it is a festival for shops to sell symbols of love.

Instead of trying to analyse the issues in psychoanalytical form, another approach can be used. It is called a BioView®. This is a combination of a biography and an interview where people ‘travel’ through time to tell their story. Dr Charles Margerison travelled back in time and conducted virtual interviews with a number of Amazing People about their relationships.

“Amazing Love Stories” is a unique book that explores the eternal question of love. What drew these people together and what pulled them apart? Was it just basic sexual attraction or something more?

One of the stories is about Marina Gamba who had three children with Galileo, the great scientist, even though he refused to marry her! Another tells of Sally Hemings, a slave girl, and describes her relationship with Thomas Jefferson, President of America, with whom it is said she had six children!

In return, how would the men have described the relationships? Dr Margerison represents the two points of view. “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is a saying that has been around a long time. It seeks to explain not only what people like in the form of art or design, but also in relationships.

Our inner world of what we like determines what we try to find in love. In choosing our friends and partners, we look for people who are attractive to us in some way. They may be knowledgeable, skilled or they may look beautiful to us, but not to others. We put a value on what we see and hear. What one person sees as attractive in another is a source of fascination. Magazines and news are full of such stories.

There are many poems, plays and songs that try to understand the many aspects of what we call love. Some say that love is not a matter for the head, but a matter for the heart. Another view is that love is part of the survival process, as mentioned by Charles Darwin in his great work.

Darwin’s theory of evolution says that we are drawn to people who we feel will help us survive – not just physically in terms of reproduction, but also psychologically in terms of sharing interests and ideas.

In this way, love stories come in different forms and those in this ‘Amazing Love Stories’ book reveal many areas of attraction, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. These BioViews® provide new insight on love and so can help you better understand your own life and relationships.

© Dr. Charles Margerison – The Amazing People Club® –

Valentines Day 14th February!

Love stories come in different forms, and those in our ‘Amazing Love Stories title reveal many areas of attraction, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.  These unique stories provide new insight on love and can help you better understand your own life and relationships.  Featuring amazing characters including Emperor Napoleon and Josephine, Marina Gamba and her lover Galileo, Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway, you can explore what drew these people together and what pulled them apart. Ebook $3.99 US only, Feb only HERE

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